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Spirit Attachment

Finding the issue and fixing spirit attachment and possession can be quite challenging. Sometimes people are aware that they are being attacked spiritually, but they are unaware of the negative impact their vices are having.

The premise is straightforward and has been accepted by many cultures throughout the world since the beginning of time: sometimes after death, spirits do not proceed to the Light, which might lead to issues. The second problem is that sinister forces are picking off people.

A client confided in us that she believes she has been the target of spiritual attacks from spirits for years, as well as attacks by those around her who are under the sway of the entities.

Someone who doesn't have much expertise of the issue would think that is absurd. However, after engaging in Spiritual Detox for more than 20 years and encountering spirit possession and attachment, we believe it to be a widespread, incorrectly identified, and misunderstood issue.

She said to us that she feels like a magnet for evil spirits; every time she enters a public area with a lot of people, she leaves feeling awful. She also claimed that the ongoing attack by spirits is harming her physical health. She makes an effort to think positively and employs visualizations and other self-healing techniques, but dealing with it constantly is exhausting.

Spiritually sensitive people among you are aware of how uncomfortable it might be to pass through a crowded area or sit next to someone who is upset or angry. Life might occasionally seem terrible when evil individuals or spiritual forces attack it spiritually.

She takes valium, uses marijuana, or drinks wine as a coping mechanism. These are common methods of relaxation in our culture, and if used sparingly and with discretion, they shouldn't be too dangerous for those who aren't spiritually sensitive, though they do lessen resistance to psychic attack for everyone.

We feel she is being attacked by evil energies and that she first let them in with black magic in a former existence based on what this client told us. We're not blaming her because we've all had "good" and "bad" previous incarnations and have dabbled in the dark side ourselves (which is why we warn others to stay away from it at all costs because we know how deadly it is).

Unfortunately, once you step through that door and join forces with them to achieve your goals in the short term, you are obligated to them for a very long time—many lifetimes—and it is difficult to break free.

Dark energies will also work harder to hold you down the more potential you have to shine as a Light in our planet and do great good.

She can overcome this, and it won't be as difficult as it would appear, which is excellent news.

She needs to stay away from marijuana, other drugs, and excessive alcohol. Why? Due to the fact that using those chemicals weakens your aura's protective energy shield, lowers your resistance to bad energies, and attracts them to you.

Dark energies like excessive drink and drug use and promote it because it makes individuals—especially spiritually sensitive people like her and us—easy to dominate. They also enjoy manipulating others by using addicts to drugs, alcohol, or sugar.  When you are fully aware of the spiritual negative effects and assume responsibility for your protection, it is much simpler to completely avoid using excessive amounts of alcohol and other substances.

How to defend against dark energy:

Dark spirits are like dirt; you need to periodically clean oneself to avoid problems because they are everywhere.

Diet and regular exercise are crucial. Although it is not necessary, swimming in the ocean or a saltwater pool is quite beneficial. If you're not feeling well, you won't be able to fight off the bratty spirits. Eat adequate high-quality protein for strength and try to limit your intake of sweets.

Belief and intention: You can defend yourself, and your certainty in your ability to do so will be very helpful. The dark side frightened us before we began this type of work. They're only annoying now that we're more aware of it and know how to defend ourselves; they're like naughty kids who need to be reined in. They still annoy us now and then, but cockroaches do too, and we know how to get rid of them.

Avoid all drugs at all costs. If you want to feel better, become more resistant to dark energy, and reach your potential, you must do this. Additionally, marijuana and other narcotics will impair your judgment for days or even weeks following use. Instead, find better ways to escape such as through reading, sex, exercise, and the arts.

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