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How I Work

After you place you order

1-I need your (name - date of birth), and the (persons name - date of birth) and  photos.

2-Write a paragraph of the situation and the desired outcome/wish. Write them out as if they have already happened.

Please wait for 7-8 hours for my response. Sometime I am busy Casting Spells. So I may delay in reply.

3 - I will notify you what time I will perform the spell it might take 1-3 days of purchase because some days of the week produce better result for specific spells so it is better to wait for maximum success based on your astrological sign.

4 - After collecting the (herbs and the right candles with the specific oils and other ingredients/materials) you will receive a picture of the preparation for your spell labeled by your information next to it.

5 - In the right time for your spell, I will send you a picture of the spell being cast.

6 - When your spell is done a final picture of your spell will be sent to you.

7 -This Spell casting service will be done by me. You will not be receiving anything Physical via mail.


Belief, Faith and Determination is the key here! If you will doubt or think negatively, it can break the spell so believing in the spell, having faith and staying positive is very vital for the success of the ritual.

You will not get any bad karma or backfire whatsoever so you don’t have to worry about anything.

I look forward to working with you.

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