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Get Married Now Spell

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The Wedding Spell

Have you been dating for some time, but he has not yet proposed?

If so, this very strong spell was made for you. I will use this spell to make the person you want to marry think and dream about getting married to you.

This spell is a very powerful and effective marriage spell that works for both straight and gay relationships. It baptizes you and your lover with love, commitment, and happiness in your marriage.

This spell Includes:

7 days of candle work and prayers

a petition  for you and your situation

Energy love bonds are created for both people

Mind manipulation work on the target

Protection and sealing to make sure the spell last and stays hidden.

Photos of your work 

Basic candle reading

After you order, you will need to provide me:

  1. Names of both people
  2. Pictures of each person
  3. Your Birthdate
  4. Anything else that you feel would be important to say about your current situation.

This spell works best when:

You are in a relationship already


  • Not all spells manifest instantly; sometimes these things take time.
  • I do have a very high success rate and will put forth my best effort to bring you your heart’s desire.
  • You are always welcome to email me, but please note, ONCE I BEGIN THE SPELL I WON’T FOLLOW UP WITH YOU UNTIL THE SPELL IS COMPLETE.
  • You are paying for the time of the spell caster, not the results


This ritual is 100% safe for you!
I assure you that with every reading or ritual performed, you will receive my complete confidentiality! 

Nothing will be shipped to you.



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